Our projects

We work with individuals to help them achieve their goals in ways that complement and enhance their specific needs and aspirations.

Computers and Digital

We provide a range of services to help clients navigate computer literacy, staying safe online and developing digital champions.

  • Basic IT skills development 
  • Help using online services e.g. Universal Credit, Ealing Council’s MyAccount 
  • Online safety programmes



Social Mobility

Our social mobility programmes develop the capacity and skills of community members who have experienced economic or social challenges growing up and empower them to move forward with confidence. 

  • Pre-employment, self-employment and volunteering training
  • Jobs – help searching for, applying for, securing and sustaining employment, self-employment, apprenticeships and work placement/volunteering opportunities
  • Training and access to opportunities for young people not in employment, education or training (NEET)
  • Literacy and numeracy training
  • Personal development and strengths-based training 
  • Referral pathways and signposting to appropriate services


Advocacy and Guidance (multi-lingual)

To help provide relief from financial hardship, sickness and social or economic disadvantage, we provide the following services:

  • Free, confidential and non-judgmental information, advice and guidance on areas including money, housing, welfare rights, health, school exclusion
  • Outreach and representation for users where needed
  • Referral pathways and signposting to appropriate services


Black, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BMER) Mental Health Project

This volunteer-led mental health project seeks to identify gaps in the provision of culturally specific/sensitive mental health services to BMER individuals in Ealing. To do this we:

  • Offer to engage with statutory and other agencies through consultative and other networking approaches/opportunities to articulate lived experiences of BMER individuals when accessing mental health services
  • We offer a platform for such agencies to properly consult with and engage BMER communities to better develop the appropriate culturally specific mental health services
  • Offer monthly user-led storytelling therapy 
  • Offer advocacy support by challenging inequitable treatment and discrimination faced by BMER individuals experiencing mental health challenges at every level.


FGM Project

We engage with men and women from FGM practising communities to effect change and work towards the total eradication of FGM as a practice. To do this we:

  • Promote the FGM Dignity Charter amongst FGM practising communities and the wider public, in order to seek their support in all efforts to end FGM
  • Provide counter-narratives in order to challenge stereotyping of FGM practising communities
  • Support statutory and other agencies implement user-friendly FGM intervention measures including projects.FGM PROJECT


Let’s go Southall

We are a key participant in this Ealing Council-led project funded by Sports England to engage hard-to-reach members of the community through sport. We support the project by:

  • Introducing marginalised communities in Southall to physical activities
  • Supporting the council and working with other agencies to find out why some residents are not physically active and to come up with workable and long-term solutions to inactivity.Keep Fit Class


Health Rights Advocacy

We are involved in this combined project activity to protect and observe access to health and social care provisions, such as GP practices. We do this by:

  • Supporting the people we work with to understand their rights when accessing health and social care provisions.

HADEA and ESWCA Project

We collaborate with the Horn of Africa Disability and Elderly Association (HADEA) and Ealing Somali Welfare and Cultural Association (ESWCA) to support the health needs of Somali communities in West London. 

Keep Fit Class


Community safety

  • Tackling extremism and hate crime (Prevent, Islamophobia)
  • Tackling violence (youth violence, knife crime, gang culture)
  • Support for victims of crime 
  • Referral pathways and signposting to appropriate services


Our courses

We offer courses and qualifications to enable the people and communities we work with to achieve their personal and professional goals.