Golden Opportunity Skills and Development

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"Changing peoples lives through programmes on Education, Health, and Skills Training".


GOSAD has extensive experience of delivering workable and sustainable projects with varied users and in varied settings i.e. the work-poor, NEET young people; BAME users; Refugees and Asylum seekers; those out of work; and those that are looking for a life-work balance outcome for themselves and their families.

GOSAD was set up by three disenfranchised young people from different ethnic background in 2003 to meet the needs of similar young people with bleak and challenging futures. GOSAD has evolved over the years to develop specialist and innovative interventional work supporting Unemployed adult, NEET young people, BAME communities, Elderly people and those faced with disadvantages in our community realize their socio and economic aspirations.

GOSAD has proved to be a reliable and strong partner organization delivering and surpassing profile targets in every funded partnership project and under different funding regimes ranging from ESF, LDA, CCG, Local Authority, BIG Lottery fund, SFA Subcontract, (SFA Approved Contractor) trusts and foundations.

GOSAD’s innovative project delivery arrangements and systems are guided by our Bottom Up and user participation from project design to project delivery.  GOSAD’s combines its business acumen and charitable capabilities to offer a holistic end-to-end support to users by invoking our award winning multi-lingual volunteering program.

GOSAD’s provisions go beyond what is agreed in terms of payments and outputs. Workings with our clients involve more than sticking to defined and boxed intervention initiatives. GOSAD’s experience is that sometimes our target group need more hand holding and gaining their trust from the onset to succeeding.

GOSAD has strong Links with local Employers and currently works with 21 local Employers including, Catalyst Housing Association, Salam Restaurant, Noon Products, Tesco Stores, Barclays Bank, Superior Foods, Fountain Pharmacy, Golis Restaurant, Amani Properties, Co-Op Retail Stores, Santander Bank, Maina Freight Forwarders, Iceland Stores, Featherstone Pharmacy and Karaan Auto Mechanic. We have good track record of placing our clients on Employment and work placement, GOSAD has qualified staff that can speak different community language and understand the culture and barriers facing our clients.


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